British born and now Sydney-based, Vanessa Caswill is a filmmaker with a strong theatrical background. Her style reflects that background with a clear emphasis on performance combined with a strong focus on detailed art direction and shot construction. Her style is characterised by strong performances in often hyper-real environments.

Vanessa’s latest short film ‘Pudding Bowl’ has won a number of awards and had numerous international screenings including at Cannes Film Festival and Clermont–Ferrand Short Film Festival.

Vanessa has directed commercials for brands such as Unilever, Dulux and Fabulous Magazine as well as music videos for artists including: Revere, The Ryes, Lisa Mitchell, Pearl and The Puppets and The Boy Who Trapped The Sun.

Flea – Short Film Excerpt


Natural Instinct

Lisa Mitchell “Spiritus”

My Mad Fat Diary – Excerpt