Tristan is a new breed of director; whose passion for film sees him delivering powerful communication via a creative rich and technically proficient style.

With a skill and knowledge base in modern film production that is in a position to bring more to the production table both from a creativity perspective and one of on-screen value. Come the shoot , his on-set calm and open lines of communication is an invaluable attribute that is conducive to acquiring the very best performance and or visuals on the day.
Tristan loves a good laugh, a surf and crafting great ads with people he likes to call friends by the end of it all.

Big Top Market Fresh | Live Life To The Freshest

Spicers Gourmet

San Fermin

Prodigy Gym ‘What’s Your Fight’

Victoria Polytechnic ‘Influence Tomorrow’ – Pam

Corona + WSL ‘Where’s Wilko’