Tristan Houghton is one of a new breed of highly skilled director’s; whose passion for film sees him delivering powerful communication via a creatively rich, and technically proficient style.

With a skill and knowledge base in modern film production, Tristan brings more to the production table both in terms of creativity and on-screen value.

A narrative storyteller, Houghton seamlessly transitions from the natural environment to “tech world” with his work ranging from lively surfing adventures, to complex table top pieces.

Tristan has worked with international and local brands including IBM, Unilever, Converse and Griffith University with each campaign showcasing his versatility and creativity.

Houghton loves a good laugh, a surf and crafting great ads.

DZ Deathrays | Dollar Chills

Violent Soho | Neighbour Neighbour

BlackMilk Clothing | Game of Thrones

The Skater | Free Jazz

Violent Soho | In The Aisle

IBM | Woodside

Garmin | Fenix HR