Made up of directing duo Michael Mier and Lav Bodnaruk, The Co-Op are known for their strong performance-based commercials and films, as well as their flexible approach to getting the job done. 

The duo’s style is characterised by their strong talent direction and striking cinematography. Having worked on campaigns for the likes of UBET, Synergy, Ergon, Suncorp Insurance, Palmolive, BCF, and Queensland University of Technology, the duo’s skills and renowned ability to problem solve translate to any project.

The Co-Op have built their skills as highly adaptable film-makers who effortlessly juggle multiple roles behind the camera and at the desktop. Lav’s background as a cinematographer paired with Mike’s skills in sound design combine to create a directing powerhouse.

The pair also have a solid understanding of all aspects of post-production recently opening up their own boutique post-production house, ‘The Chop Shop’ in Brisbane.

Wattyl Paints – Don’t Worry Its Wattyl

Instant Scratch-Its – Halloween Superdraw

QUT – New York

UBET 2.0 featuring Jonathan Brown