Dynamic directing duo, RIO, aka Roi & Ota, have amassed an impressive body of advertising work for markets on almost every continent in the world. 

Repeat work for Ford, Sony and Mazda – and a lot of it. Work for brands that range from international cosmetic powerhouse, Avon, and the world’s most famous soft drink, Coca-Cola, to YPF (Yacimientos Petrolíferos Fiscales), a local petroleum and oil corporation giant. Work for five car brands – Nissan, Fiat and Renault as well as Ford and Mazda. Work for markets on almost every continent in the world.

Work that tells stories in RIO’s unique way – a style that is fresh and leads with its ability to trigger sensation in its viewers. As well as this impressive body of ad work, RIO has an impressive reel of feature films, commercials and video clips.

RIO is the union of two old friends, Roi & Ota, who came together to work as directors from different sides of filmmaking. Roi had a successful career as an editor before he became an accomplished and inventive storyteller and director. Ota comes from visual storytelling and brought his flair for eliciting performances from actors in drama and comedy.

Nissan ‘Kicks’

Ford ‘Curiosity’

Fiat ‘Professional Fullback’

Ford Ranger ‘Mandatos’ [Spanish version]

Ford ‘Spinning’

Ford ‘Trucks’

Mazda ‘Axela’