Taxi has extensive experience facilitating international productions from across the globe for brands including: Sony, Coca-Cola, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Daihatsu, Seiko Epson, Toyota, Nestle, Red Bull, 361 and Pioneer.

Taxi provides the total package to facilitate productions for the international advertising and film industry.

Whatever your project, we offer our clients great production value, awesome location possibilities and a diverse and experienced talent pool of cast and crew.

Our film production experience allows Taxi to negotiate the best possible deal for you, provide streamlined support for production and gives you access to the very best crews, equipment and everything you need to bring your film production to life.


The three ‘C’s City, Coast & Country.

Australia’s strongest characteristic is the diversity of its locations – our cities and landscapes can double for most regions in the world. The outback, crisp white beaches and tropical islands, marinas, suburban streets, sand dunes, arid deserts, spectacular waterfalls and lakes, tropical jungles, cosmopolitan cities… whatever your location requirements, Taxi can facilitate your needs.


Providing tailored, top-notch and cost effective film production services, Taxi is one of Australia’s most experienced production facilitation companies. Let us act as your offshore office with 20+ years of experience.

Our dynamic and experienced team facilitates everything to achieve a successful production.

Both Australian Federal and State Governments offer percentage based tax rebates to qualifying international productions and co-productions.

The criteria determining eligibility varies from state to state but rebates can total up to 40%.