James Holt has built a reputation for being a director of style, one of the few gifted directors able to handle performance and comedy.

Born in New Zealand, his talent has taken him all around the globe directing award winning spots for many big brands like; Visa, Guinness, Budweiser, Mastercard and Nissan. He is regarded as an actor’s director and has gained the reputation of working with quality actor’s like Hugh Jackman, Kim Cattrall and Rebecca Gibney.

His experience and impressive understanding of the film craft gives his work an edge and he continues to push boundaries. Whether it’s a beautifully polished car commercial, emotional story or quirky comedy spot, Holt always brings a strong sense of storytelling and subtleties of performance that is his trademark. As well as shooting commercials James is working on film and Television projects, music videos and an upcoming cooking show.

Subaru XV

Dettol ‘Toy Car’

Pine O Cleen ‘Put Time Back’

Nissan ‘The Dealer’

Purina Sensations