Jack Wareham is a Director + DP with a wealth of film making experience spanning over 25 years. 

Directing and shooting hundreds of television commercials for global brands, including Procter and Gamble, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Suncorp, Lion Nathan, Singapore Airlines, Reckitt and Benckiser, KFC, Kelloggs and Digicel, Jack’s done it all.  

Raised in the camera department and becoming an accomplished cinematographer, Jack has worked on movie blockbusters such as Thor Ragnarok, Aquaman and Peter Rabbit.

In 2019 Jack demonstrated his love of storytelling as Director of Photography on feature film “The Brighton Miracle” starring beloved NZ acting royalty Temuera Morrison, a story about heart, courage and the will to achieve the impossible. 

Storytelling through motion picture is what gets him up in the morning, that and a good strong espresso!

Suncorp ‘Our Place’

Pine O Clean

Queensland Government ‘Opportunities’


Mitsubishi Outlander

Spiritus Anglicare

The Brighton Miracle – Trailer