Henry Boffin is a writer/director based out of Brisbane creating emotive film content with strong performances and an undeniably dry sense of humour.

Approaching film with a comprehensive understanding of all aspects of the production process, Henry uses his versatile storytelling ability to shift between subtle comedy and heartfelt drama to create smart relatable content. 

His short films, Rain and Ouroboros, have both featured as part of the Cannes Court Métrage and between them have won awards at the Pittsburgh Independent, Silver Wave and China Australia International Film Festivals. They have also gone on to be officially selected around the world for festivals such as Hollyshorts, Flickerfest and the New York Independent Film Festival.

QLD Health ‘Sun Squad’ Baywatch

Aussie Helpers ‘Milked Dry’

BAC ‘Tea’

Hitstroke FM ‘Banana Hands’

Volvic Juice

Kip & Wilbur ‘Horror Film’

Ouroboros Trailer