Davros is a director who bridges the gap between the highly visual and the highly emotive. With a strong and diverse background in engineering, art, design and motion graphics, combined with an empathy for a broad range of humanity, Davros crafts beautiful, stylised work that is both compassionate and considered.

With a strong and diverse background in engineering, graphic design and motion graphics, Davros learnt the art of directing moving image from rare and intricate beginnings that have influenced his directing today.

He crafts beautiful stories and narratives from even the briefest of encounters, and has a finely tuned eye for colour and shape; movement and emotion.

Supercheap Auto – Best Performing Oils

Cancer Council NSW – Shit Mates Don’t Say

QFES – Bushfires

Nulon Oils

Diamond Concierge – The Fifth C

Carnivore Club – Meat Your Match

Harley Davidson

ANZAC Centenary – Who Will Serve Their Memory