Allan’s known for shooting visually exciting, creative, epic and sometimes dangerous content captured in remote and iconic locations.

With a hands-on approach for directing, shooting and editing projects in music, action, sports, adventure and lifestyle, Allan’s visual direction and vast range of skills and experience allows him to lead any form of project to a superior level of execution.

Allan thrives on working with portable, small and specialized teams that create a diverse range of filming techniques using drones, helicopter systems, car mounts, underwater, VFX motion capture, slingshot MoVI and many more.

He’s worked with Red Bull Media House, Nike, Holden, G-Shock, Casio, Movieworld, Samoa Tourism, MTV, Fuel TV, Mushroom Music Group, Eminem, Bliss n Eso & more.

What else should we expect from a director who first came from developing world first stunts?

Red Bull | Racing Australia 2016 Launch


RBMA | TaKu Documentary

Supercheap Auto

G-Shock x Bliss n Eso | Launch Video

Red Bull | Dinghy Derby

Bliss n Eso | My Life