Jonathan Nyquist has over 25 years experience shooting for some of the top brands both in Australia and internationally.

He’s likeable, asks the right questions, gets the brief, then captures emotively charged cinematic moments that tell a great story in a very short amount of time. 

For all those who know him, Jono is a straightforward, good bloke with an obsessive passion for high-end visuals and authentic performances. He’s chilled, but he knows what he wants, and he knows how to get it, while always keeping the clients as happy as can be and coming back for more.

He’s directed kids, cows, dogs and wombats, Masai warriors, sports stars, skydivers and celebrities. People off the street, people who have never left their hometown, people who have never seen a camera before. Jono has filmed in some of the craziest places on earth, and in crazy situations, above and below the surface. And he’s received plenty of awards and recognition for his unique and highly visual style. 

If a picture is worth a thousand words then check out his reel. It says it all. You’ll see what keeps him loving what he does and enjoying the people he does it with. 

Lexus RX Step Forward


ETISALAT – Together as One

Apple – Shot on iPhone

Mitsubishi – Ghost Train

Omo – Equality