Diana Yee

Born in New Zealand, Diana Yee studied Visual Communication at Wellington Polytech, which lead to the art dept of O&M in the early 80’s.

After a successful career as an art based creative in NZ & Sydney Australia, she  found her second calling in production and began directing commercials in the late 90’s. Since then, she has directed many productions around the globe, developing trusted brand relationships and forging her signature style. In recent years, she has focussed on storytelling with kids, and her intuitive approach has delivered rewarding results.

Diana’s direction shows a sharp instinct for emotive, natural performance with elegant visuals. Her natural ability and sensitivity with talent shows in her work, especially with babies. Her astute storytelling skills, attention to detail and on trend style is in demand across the globe, creating winning campaigns with a human touch.

Barbie #ThePowerOfPlay

BabyLove – Bye Bye

Dove – Samson

Betadine – Cactus

Elevit – Mythbusters “Greens”

Cover Girl – Double Rich Collagen

Megabloks – Safari