Early morning light shines through the kitchen window as we see our Hero, a man in his 30s, eating breakfast cereal from a bowl.

He is barely awake, wearing pyjamas with a dressing gown on top. An obvious dog lover, with dog portraits of him and his pup hanging on the wall as well as dog prints on his T-shirt, cereal bowl etc…

He munches on his cereal as he looks to the floor – there is food in the dog bowl, but no dog. He stops chewing.

We cut to a shot over our Hero’s shoulder as he opens the double door to an oversized cupboard/room. He enters the CIA eat-your-heart-out-tech surveillance room! Before him we see large LCD screens, a control desk, multiple computers etc…

Finally he spots his dog, on the front yard lawn. He ‘vision switches’ the camera angle from behind the dog, onto the main screen. The dog is obviously staring at something. Ears perked up. He quickly clicks a few buttons on the keyboard and we cut to another angle on the main screen – this time, we see the dog’s face. His eyes laser focused on something.

Few more clicks of the button and we cut to an exterior shot where we see a snorkel camera raise up out of the bushes. The camera pans around to the front gate.

Back inside the control room our Hero finally sees what his dog has been watching. A cat, carelessly walking on the fence.

Our Hero suddenly goes pale. He knows what is about to happen and is telepathically trying to will his dog, not to do it by shaking his head…  We see the close-up of the dog on the large LCD screen once again, just before he bolts it!

The chase is on!

The dog jumps over the fence in hot pursuit. Our Hero reaches for a large remote control.

We cut to an exterior of the house. Above the garage, we hear and see a flying drone helicopter take off. Back in the control room, the main LCD shows the camera angle from the drone.

We cut to a shot in a park. Sitting on a bench is a woman is reading her newspapers. A cat runs under the bench, the dog jumps over it and the drone flies past her, the wind from its rotor’s blowing the newspapers in her face.

Back in the control room, the drone signal is weakening as seen by the on screen display on the LCD. Our Hero reaches for the set of Virtual Reality goggles.

Still in the park, in a wide shot, a cat runs past two old timers playing chess, followed by a dog, followed by a drone then followed by our Hero – VR goggles on, dressing gown opened and flying behind him like a cape. He smashes straight into a tree and knocks himself out. Our two old times, do not react – but keep staring. One man sneakily grabs the bishop of the chess board and hides it.

Title: There’s a smarter way to keep track of your dog.

We cut to a highly stylised studio painted Whistle green with grass on the floor. On the green wall is the Whistle logo. We see a Whistle device prominently visible attached to a dog’s collar, and on a plinth the app is visible on a phone screen. We’ll see a few frames animate with titles describing functionality.

Titles: Track your pet straight from your phone.

GPS Location tracking

Text & email alerts

Activity Monitoring

Our Hero lays on the ground moving around, gaining consciousness. He still has the VR goggles on and remote in his hand.

The cat is sitting on the ground, in the back of the frame, licking its paws.

His dog runs into the shot and sits on top of the Hero’s chest, licking his face.

End frame: Whistle. Smart Tech for your Pet.