Brendan Williams is a Director/DOP with a genuine passion for film. As the son of an Australian feature film producer he completely immersed in the film industry from birth, going on to shoot his first commercial when he was just 20. 

Highly proficient in a wide range of styles and genres, Williams is highly regarded both as a visual storyteller and for his technical brilliance behind the camera.

Combining cutting-edge camera techniques with visual effects, editorial and post production processing; Brendan is a director who will embrace every tool at his disposal to create truly gorgeous and unique imagery. 

Since making his directorial debut, he has turned out a string of groundbreaking campaigns that includes award-winning work for such brands as Subaru, Mitsubishi, Queensland Tourism, eBay and Hyundai.

Tourism Tasmania ‘You’ll See’


Volvo ‘Attention Seeking’

Bridgestone Tires

Subaru Forester