About Taxi

Through supporting and enabling creativity and innovation, we help agencies and brands bring their stories to life on screens of all sizes: TV commercials, online, virtual reality and everything in between.

Taxi is one of Australia’s top commercial film content production companies with production solutions across TVC & content, budget production, virtual reality and high-speed specialist motion content across our services of: Taxi, Traffic & Tasty Pictures.


High-end TVC & content production

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Cost-conscious full service production


Mind-blowing specialist film content


  • Andrew Wareham
    Andrew Wareham Executive Producer

    Andrew maintains a philosophy that focuses on a commitment to service and quality reinforced through careful production practices that culminate in great respect amongst clients and crew.

    His greatest strength is his ability to create a working environment that stimulates efficient film production as well as a healthy creative atmosphere for all concerned.

  • Simone Mackie
    Simone Mackie Senior Producer

    Simone is one of Australia’s top and most experienced TV commercial producers. You’ll know when Simone’s working on your project; grounded, balanced and meticulous to boot, she knows how to provide the support that directors, agencies and clients need.

  • Mark Bishop
    Mark Bishop Senior Producer

    Mark Bishop, or ‘Bish’ as he is known, is a producer with extensive experience grounded in feature films and high-end TVC production. Bish has logged thousands of hours on set in locations all around the world. Working with some of the world’s best directors and camera crews in locations that would challenge the best, he has experienced any number of logistical obstacles – you name it, he’s seen it and conquered it. Bish is always up for the challenge.

  • Imogen Dick
    Imogen Dick Senior Producer

    As one of Queensland’s most experienced producers, Imogen has gained a unique understanding of the production business. In a career spanning over 18 years, she has worked across all areas. In that time she has produced award-winning campaigns for a diverse range of clients. Imogen possesses excellent leadership, organisational and management skills that are complemented by a can do attitude to every project she undertakes. She is an extremely valuable asset to every production job.

  • Jill McMahon
    Jill McMahon Senior Producer, Traffic

    Jill is a top senior producer with an impressive range of production experience in top advertising agencies, commercial film production and post-production companies all over Australia. Jill’s experience across all levels and types of production means that she pretty much knows everything that anyone needs to know about pulling together a smooth, successful and on budget production.

  • Chris Klockner
    Chris Klockner Producer, Taxi & Traffic

    Chris Klockner is a producer with the essential nous needed to turn a story into a flawless film, combined with a first-hand understanding of what a story needs to hold audiences in its grasp.  

    Klockner has built up his wealth of knowledge producing projects for leading brands and agencies in the UK working across everything from high-end TVCs to online content. Now he’s leading Taxi’s Sydney-based production team working across Taxi’s high-end content, Traffic’s more cost-conscious productions and Tasty Pictures’ specialist food and tabletop offering.

    He is an extremely versatile producer with international credentials and an enthusiasm that’s second to none.

  • Anthony McCormack
    Anthony McCormack Strategic Development & Innovation

    Ant is driving the future direction for the Taxi group of businesses including Taxi, Traffic& Tasty Pictures in this rapidly changing world of advertising and video content creation. Ant is an innovator who is always on the look out for new ways to create content, support great creative and add bucket-loads of value. He’s also active in growing the Brisbane tech startup space as a co-founder of Hub4101 and a mentor at Little Tokyo Two.


We’ve facilitated international productions for brands including: Sony, Coca-Cola, Nissan, Daihatsu, Seiko Epson, Toyota, Nestle, Red Bull, 361 and Pioneer.

Australia’s strongest characteristic is the diversity of its locations – our cities and landscapes can double for most regions in the world. The outback, crisp white beaches and tropical islands, marinas, suburban streets, sand dunes, arid deserts, spectacular waterfalls and lakes, tropical jungles, cosmopolitan cities… whatever your location requirements, Taxi can facilitate your needs.

Taxi provides the total package to facilitate productions for the international advertising and film industry. Whatever your project, we offer our clients great production value, awesome location possibilities and a diverse and experienced talent pool of cast and crew.

Taxi’s extensive knowledge and experience stems from years of shooting right across Australia and internationally ensures you work with the best. We know how to provide the right support that directors, producers, agencies and clients need when shooting outside of their own country.