Food, Glorious Food

Taxi has teamed up with top-notch tabletop cinematographer, Simon Hammond, to provide beautiful food and liquid cinematography. Our tabletop team knows all of the tricks to make food and liquid look great and appetizing, just the way it should be. Think of out tabletop team as your one-stop solution to all of your food, liquid, slow motion, time-lapse, and macro shoots.

Tabletop cinematography is one of the most demanding specialties in the game. Taxi’s tabletop team takes this dark art and makes it simple for you, pulling together our unique talents to create captivating and irresistible food, liquid and tabletop footage. Our top-notch creative and technical team sets the industry standards and are at the forefront of innovation in all areas of food and tabletop production. We constantly strive to bring something new and innovative to the way food and liquid are filmed.

Simon Hammond

Food & Tabletop Specialist Cinematographer

Simon Hammond is a true food and liquid specialist. He has spent the past two decades refining his craft as one of Australia’s top tabletop DOP/directors. He takes pride in always capturing great detail, texture and appetite appeal.

When it comes to liquid and food Simon has an innate ability to push the envelope, constantly striving to set new standards. His expertise lies in bringing together CGI and in-camera cinematography, seamlessly combining unique narratives with post-production and special effects. To cap it all off Simon is also one of the few tabletop cinematographers equally at home directing talent.

Simon’s work is characterised by subtle compositions, great images and the ability to tailor an exceptional look. He has created eye-catching work for brands such as Coca-Cola, Heineken, Sanitarium, McDonald’s, Subway, KFC, Pizza Hut, Continental, Woolworths and Donna Hay.

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