Simon Degroot = Better

Challenge Accepted

A couple of months ago Taxi’s Brisbane office was tagged. Massively tagged. The first thing we thought was “F#@% you!”. At least they could have done something good.

Here at Taxi we’re all for creative expression, so we threw down the challenge for an artist to do something better and turn the huge blank canvas of our two-storey roller door into whatever they want. Click here to check out our original challenge.

Visual Artist Simon Degroot was selected from dozens of interested artists creating the painting titled RHIZOME.

As part of the project Degroot has also created a series of smaller paintings based on the large artwork and has also collaborated on an animated video artwork. Taxi will hold an exhibition showcasing the entire series of paintings, also titled RHIZOME, from 15th – 30th November at Taxi’s Brisbane office.

We have also started working with other artists to secure more public spaces to be free to create. If you are interested, please get in touch with us as we have the contact details for a stack of very talented artists that are keen to create some interesting public work, both big and small.

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