Production Facilitation

Take your money further, with high-level production services, world-class crews and stunning locations.

We have a proven and enviable track record in servicing offshore production companies’ film productions, collaborating with some of the most aspiring agencies, global brands and clients.

Taxi Film Production provides the total package to service productions for the international advertising and film industry. Whether your project is a TV commercial, TV series, music video, branded entertainment, fashion shoot, or still photography, Taxi offers our clients great production value, awesome location possibilities and a diverse and experienced talent pool of cast and crew.

Taxi Film’s extensive knowledge and experience from years of shooting right across Australia and internationally ensures you work with the best we have to offer. We have everything you need to facilitate your film productions and bring your campaigns to life.

Projects include work for; Sony, Coca-Cola, Nissan, Daihatsu, Seiko Epson, Toyota, Nestle, Red Bull, 361 and Pioneer.


Diversity within close proximity – Australia’s strongest characteristic is the diversity of its locations – our cities and landscapes can double for most regions in the world.

The outback, crisp white beaches and tropical islands, marinas, suburban streets, sand dunes, arid deserts, spectacular waterfalls and lakes, tropical jungles, cosmopolitan cities, whatever your location requirements, Taxi can facilitate these needs.

Talent and Casting

Professional casting directors and consultants with extensive experience in understanding and servicing international cast requirements are available throughout Australia. The industry is supported by many talented and experienced performers of all cultures. A quarter of our population is born outside Australia, which provides a great mixture of nationalities, accents, looks and ages.


Crew & Equipment

Australia has a distinguished history of feature filmmaking; this means there is a huge amount of skilled and well-respected crew located in Australia whom has experience working on high-end productions. Australian crews are both professional and skilled in providing overseas companies with the highest level of technical expertise and efficiency. Our crews love to create great work and are fully supported by almost every single equipment requirement imaginable.


Australia offers a range of climates from desert to tropics and alpine weather. The seasons are alternate from the Northern Hemisphere. Taxi’s office located in Brisbane, Queensland has a sub-tropical climate with 300 days a year of sunshine. Need snow? No problem – we can make it happen.

Studios/Sound Stages

Australia has world-class studios and sound stages in all major cities – Fox Studios in Sydney, Central Studios in Melbourne and Warner Bros Studios for Brisbane and the Gold Coast just to name a few. Warner Bros Studios is the largest studio facility in the southern hemisphere and with the construction of the world’s largest filming tank, shooting underwater scenes has never been easier.

Post Production

Another draw card is our outstanding visual effects and post production services. Taxi can send your filming material anywhere in the world prior to and during filming, as well as throughout the post production process. It’s always a cost effective option to finish your project here.

Production Facilities & Service

Taxi Film Production’s offices are especially designed with co-production space. We have computers, printers, faxes, broadband Internet, a boardroom, workstations, edit facilities, and a great open area to relax and enjoy a beer. Taxi’s offices are situated in the Australia’s most popular filming locations, Brisbane and Sydney.

Brisbane has the Gold Coast on its doorstep and the Great Barrier Reef and the outback within close proximity. Sydney is a cosmopolitan world city surrounded by the iconic beaches, World Heritage areas, lush hinterland and acclaimed wine regions. Need snow? No problem.

Executive Producer Andrew Wareham knows how to provide the support that directors, producers, agencies and clients need when shooting outside their own country. He has over 15 years experience as a production company producer and is the founder of Taxi Film Production.


Beaches, restaurants, golf courses, wineries, wildlife, clubs, adventure. Australia has it all. Here are a few links to some of our finest recreation:

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