Miles Murphy is a leading performance and comedy director. At the heart of it Miles is a story-teller with bucket-loads of visual creativity and strong performance direction skills.

Miles’ work ranges from perfectly timed comedy performance to nuanced stories with heart. His diverse experience in all areas of film, from the grunt work to the technical, allows his work to be well focused and direct. While his deep technical knowledge creates an uncluttered experience for all involved across all aspects of the filmmaking process from start to finish.

Australian Federal Government Campaign ‘Substance Abuse’

Dynamo ‘Game Day’

QSuper ‘Welcome to the QSuper Feeling’

USQ ‘Unleash Your Fearless’

Air Asia ‘Hot Towel’

TMR ‘Speed’

Tui Beer

Rising Panic ‘If it’s flooded, forget it’

TMR ‘Dry Driver Salute’

Suncorp Insurance ‘Income Protect’

RACQ ‘Incredibly Famous’

AMP ‘DuFont’