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28 Feb 2013

Each year the people that spread ideas worth spreading, TED, select the top ten Ads Worth Spreading from the past year. Sharing ads that communicate ideas. TED aims to stimulate a dialogue for advertisers to not just creative effective advertising where the end user is passive, but create content that the user seeks out. Content that is driven by ideas.

To find out more it is well worthwhile downloading the TED Ads Worth Spreading report here –

Here are this year’s TED Ads Worth Spreading.

Rainforest Alliance ‘Follow the Frog’

Meet the Superhumans from STITCH on Vimeo.

Channel 4 ‘Meet the Superhumans’

Expedia ‘Find Your Understanding’

Glaxosmithkline ‘The Crowd’

Dodge ‘Farmer’

Dell ‘Annie’

Three Little Pigs – The Guardian from Doc News on Vimeo.

The Guardian ‘Three Little Pigs’

TNT ‘Your Daily Dose of Drama’

Coke ‘Security Cameras’

Melbourne Metro Rail ‘Dumb Ways to Die’

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